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After the accident and the traumatic event, Angela suffered a depression for several months, her ex-boyfriend Ned, meanwhile, went to look for Angela's car, explored the dangerous area, the containers of the desert, which contained chemical fluids, find one albaran, from where they transported all that dangerous material, Angela, aware of that, called some friends and traveled there, to find out where that radioactive material came from.



Mouse Look

E Use/Interact

Ctrl Crouch

Space Jump

Shift Run

ClickRight Zoom

ClickLeft Shoot/Attack

Approx duration 1 hour/45 minutes

Horror/Action Game

Inspirated: Resident evil Village

Suport for the chapter 3:


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags3D, Dark, Female Protagonist, First-Person, Horror, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity


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A complete one up from the first chapter! I love it! 


Great mister *___* thank you very much for playing them, don't hesitate if at any point you get stuck in telling me


way better than the first one love this one so much please keep making this amazing games

im glad you like it mister *___+, thank for play this trilogy 

I had a Penumbra Overture feeling playing this chapter, ReveVoodoo! Thanks I appreciated a lot. Here it goes:

epic classic game, the beginnings of the indie games, thank you for play the second to , nice video mister 


Cool, thank you share this one. i will begin study the chapter 3, now. Ah, excuse me, that new "Dismembered Mind - Trilogy" is it the same "Dismembered Mind" Chapters One, Two and Three or that's a new content? I got already those three chapters. Oh, once more thing, in the "insanity Souls (Chapter One)", I had some ... let's fetch a proper word ...  issues, I guess. 1) romper las paredes con el cochillo es algo ordianrio al juego o eres algun tipo de bug o cheat, como en Torrent Online, donde puedemos romper las paredes y ventanas con el cochillo tambien. 2) Cuando estoy testando sin grabador el juego funciona corretamiente pero cuando yo hago uso del grabador (OBS) el juego siempre rompe despues de la puerta cinco. Aiunque yo reempezo en checkpoit la personage mantienese sin nengun movimiento. Eso eres asi miesmo? Perdoneme por el malo castellano. Pero yo deseo conocer al todos los posibles idiomas latinos. Gracias desde ya. Mi ex-novia eres bolivina residiente en Argentina. Entonces yo puedo hablar un poquitito del castillano. ;)

Tu castellano es muy decente *___+,Dismember mind trilogy es lo mismo,si lo has descargado por separado,es el mismo contenido,El problema de Insanity souls es curioso,creo que arregle algo similar,has probado a con la version 1.2?El problema cuando se queda bloqueada es al subirse a la cama y triggear la cinematica,Insanity souls es de mis preferidos,recuerda que puedes equiparte las pastillas y las armas en el menu,de primeras parece lioso por eso te lo menciono,de nuevo gracias por jugar a tantos *___+

A mi tambien me encantó, "Insanity Souls". Pero no se que version eres, la cinematica esta funcionando muy bien, amigo. El problema esta cuando yo me voy andar, sacar el teléfono con linterna o en desepero tento golpear con estilete pero nada sali, solo me quedo congelado e la luz sali se quedando abajo en direcciòn al piso. Ya llegará el capitulo tres de "My Eyes Inside Out".

Ahora yo aviste, you descargue la version 1.0.0 . Entonces descargo la version 1.2.7? Debe ser la actual, no? Voy descargar la version 1.2.7, Gracias ReveVoodoo. Cuando tenir algun tiempo y se desear oje "Torrente" es un juego de 2012, pero los graficos son agradables, es un multiplayer pero creo que le gustara es gratuito. Cuando use le cochillo en las paredes mi ocorreo en la miente, castellano ... Torrente las personas usabam ese truque, un jugador dije al dev de Torrente e el dev dije al jugador: "Eres asi mismo, las cochillas son tambien para las paredes." Solo tiene Torrente en español (castellano). ;)

try this version , fix some bugs in this, but checking the problem +___*


Had a lot of fun with the sequel and the combat felt stronger than the first, more enemies and if I was not careful they really managed to get on top of you. Loved the new animations honestly surprisingly high quality for a free game on itch.

Not sure if in my playthrough I managed to get lost and find the end of the game early on, I managed to pick so much ammo up before I even got into the final area to fight the giant.

Got more of a Tomb Raider vibe from the second game, with all of the action scenes and parkour. Looking forward to playing the next one in the series.

I'm glad you like this one, you played it really well, you accessed that area before time, but I made it so you could come back if that happened, I hope you like the last one, all 3 are different from each other, thanks again for playing it *____+


Following you as well! Good game player and clear pronunciation. Excuse me you are british, aren't you? Your accent is from middle of England? Nice. I speak portuguese and you vogals it seems latin vogals, pretty clear to us. Nice to meet you.

hi, big thx for the cool game. greetings from rosti 👍😘

Thenks for you for play Rosti,nice gameplay *__+



I don't know where that pistol is but not having it probably made it even more intense haha. That was a badass experience for sure. You're one of the best storytellers on this site. Thanks for the fun, dude!

yes friend, when you find the knife, right after there was the gun, but it seems that if you save and load in the game before finding it it disappears, it was very broken, even so I appreciate the support you give to my games my menn, thanks for doing it *___*


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Thenk you mister,you skipped the pistol, it would have been a great help but good gameplay *___+

I ran into the same problem that a previous commenter had with the big boss. I died and then he was gone. I tried running through that whole area again to see if it would trigger him but I was left stranded and couldn't cross the bridge. If there's any chance you can fix it, I will run through the whole game again to get the ending for my video. It's 330am over here right now so I won't be editing my vid until later in the day when I wake up. Badass game though besides that glitch. It definitely makes you work to stay alive in some spots.

Yes friend, I found several bugs like that but in my runtime they do not appear, it is curious, I imagine that by implementing the saving system, have you tried to load a couple of previous slots?


Good idea. I haven't tried that yet but I'll try it when I start playing again later today. Thanks, dude!

Thenks you four olay and for giving it another try *___+

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Hi Reve Voodoo, my name is Bruno, I make Gameplays for Indies games, on my YouTube channel here in Brazil, to help promote the game. I want to congratulate everyone who will participate in the development of the game "My Eyes Inside Out - Chapter 2", the game is amazing.

Subscribe there on the ok channel.

Gameplay Link:

Hi Bruno , I appreciate your support, I love watching the gameplay, thanks for playing * ___ +


All done, sorry I missed the first chapter but I will get right on it.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

no problem thanks for playing this, hope to see it * __ +


Once again our friend ReveVoodoo bringing something of quality. But one thing has to be said: this game needs improvement, as there is a bug that bothered me a lot throughout the gameplay (I lost to the final boss and, when I returned to the arena, it didn't appear anymore). Apart from this serious bug, the game is very good. Congratulations for your work.

I have to look at it, thanks for telling me, and thanks for playing it mister, I glad you like it


Amazing game dev the atomsphere , the storyline and mechanics are great

thenks for play,I appreciate your comment and it makes me happy that you like it mister *___+


Thank you i really appreciate it :)