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Spiritual sequel to "PROJECT ONNE" , It is not necessary to open it before. 

For a few months working as a nurse in a dental clinic, Angela and her boy leave him, she decides to cross the desert to get to her parents' house. 

This game has two endings. 


TAB Inventory 

F Mobile light (Requires having it in inventory) 

WASD Move 

Mouse look 

Right click Aim / Zoom 

Left click Shoot / attack 

Jump space

C Crouch 


Shift Run 

R Reload 

E Interact


Secuela espiritualde "PROJECT ONNE" ,No es necesario aberlo jugado antes.

Durante unos meses ttrabajando como enfermera en una clinica dental,angela y su chico lo dejan,decide cruzar el desierto para llegar a casa de sus padres.

Este juego cuenta con dos finales.


TAB Inventario

F Luz de el movil(Requiere tenerlo en el inventario)

WASD Moverte

Raton mirar

Click derecho Aim/Zoom

Click izquierdo Disparar/atacar

Espacio Saltar

C Agacharse

Ctrl tumbarse

Shift Correr

R Recargar

E Interactuar

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Tags3D, Creepy, Female Protagonist, First-Person, Horror, Monsters, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity


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Uncommented gameplay!

Esta excelente el juego y su historia increíble.  Mi gran error fue no llevarme el anillo y lo usaba solamente para orientarme por el sub suelo y tuve la oportunidad de recogerlo pero por perezoso no lo agarre.  En fin el juego esta increíble 10/10 

Me alegro que te guste, quizas te interese saber que es una trilogia, gracias por jugarlo mister *___+


Had to start from the beginning if I wanted to play your newest release, the game was fun and I did go back through to get both of the endings. The fact that the enemies can be such a threat, I don’t think I have had another game where I had to directly unload into an enemies face that was inches away. It really created some distressed moments as I spammed those bullets.

Looking forward to playing the rest of the series.

I am very glad that you are interested in this series, I liked your video, I love how you comment, thanks for play *___+


I love this its good!! >o<

thenks mister *___+


Good! ❤️


Thenks +___*






Thenks for play *___+


Pleased to do the first chapter now, I will try to get there first for Chapter 3 too.  Merry Christmas.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

I appreciate your attention, thanks for playing them, Merry Christmas mister * ___ +


Magnificent! ❤️


Very thenks mr flu +___*



Thenkius for play +___*

Deleted 81 days ago

ups, "-" Hahaha thenks for play my men +___*

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thenks men,you awesome play all games *___+

idk why but i cant turn the camera

make sure you don't have a remote connected, try changing the settings from the pause menu and tell me if it continues without working

i figured it out, i had to restart the game i appreciate the swift reply though


Damn, this game's scary as hell, dude! Those creepers in the hallways scared me good every time they jumped out haha. The cutscenes are badass too, I always love that in your games. I had a problem with the gun not working at times but was able to fix it by dropping it and picking it back up. Thanks for the fun, my man!


It makes me happy that you liked it there and that you play it, I always like to watch your videos, thanks for playing it brother + ___ *


Great Job Reve! This game is my favourite! Greetings from Argentina!

graande, me alegro mucho que te guste, agradezco que lo jueges mister, un abrazo grande +___*


Cool game! Good luck with its future development. One thing is for sure...Angela needs to wash her car.

hahahaha reallyrue, although everything in this chapter requires a shower, thanks or your comment my men


Very good game support!

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I appreciate men,thenks *___+


Great game! Looking forward to playing the other chapters.

I'm glad you like it mister, thanks for playing it * ___ +


hey it was a nice shot even though i havnt played much of it but that was mainly cuz there was no save option :D

apart from that i made a video about it and i hope you enjoy it only as entertainment and you can ignore my rambling in the end of it :D

Just that you have played it, you deserve my thanks * ___ +, I really like to hear the opinions

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HOLLLA BROOOOO ... great jobs ... i rember PROJECT ONNE i have play old acc youtube ...damn ... change lot story ;D ...top

HEY sis,It is the same universe, but another protagonist, thank you very much for playing it beauty *________+

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OK ;d but old she Angelina Jolie  ;P locooooo voooodooo 



yas hahaha bravo