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Genre:  action/horror (Resident Evil Village style)


The chaotic chemical disease that Angela tried to eradicate, spread by accident in Pozhas, a fishing town, the fluid spread through the ocean and a kind of fish that inhabited the shores and ports of Pozhas, confined and infected, now Pozhas death zone, Angela with many other infected were confined in one of the 3 Hotels of 3 and 5 stars for the government to plan what to do with all those people and with Pozhas.


La caotica enfermedad quimica que Angela intento erradicar,se extendio por accidente en Pozhas,una ciudad pesquera,el fluido se desperramo por oceano y una especie de peces que abitaba las orillas y puertos de Pozhas,confinados e infectados,ahora Pozhas zona de muerte,Angela con muchos otros infectados fueron confinados en uno de los 3 Hoteles de 3 y 5 estrellas para que el gobierno planee que hacer con toda esa gente y con Pozhas.


30/45 Min's


WASD  Move

Space Jump

Tab Inventory

Mouse Look

1 and 2 Flashlight/Pistol

Right Click Aim

F Use

Q/E Lern

C/Ctrl Crouch

Left Shift Run



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Resident Evil inspired Indie Horror | My Eyes Inside Out Ch. 3 @Revevoodoo #residentevil #Village - YouTube 

Did not disappoint, actually got more invested in the gameplay with this one.


Wow, what an ending, each game in the series really felt like they took inspiration from different game series/styles. It was so much fun just wiping out an oncoming hoard of zombies, as I scrounged every coin I could find in order to have enough ammo. 

Even the final boss was fun, and sent me into a panic as it ate through my bullets and I had to try to escape from it while the tendrils got in the way.

Really loved playing through the series, and can’t wait to play what you make next.

I am really glad that you liked it, I love doing these things for people like you, it is a pleasure, if you are interested in completing the story I recommend the Dismember Mind trilogy, in order the story would be "My Eyes Inside Out, Dismember mind and Insanity Souls", a hug my lady *___+


That was pretty fun. It had me on edge the whole time, expecting any door to fly open and attack me haha. It definitely reminded me of RE Village a little. I didn't  expect that ending though. Damn! Pretty cool, dude! Thanks for another badass game!


I am very glad that you liked it, good video my man *___+, if the ending is quite raw, I made the script a long time ago and when I was creating that last scene I had a hard time hahahaha

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We finally had a nice conclusion to Angela's story. The tense atmosphere provided by the game were well placed here. Congratulations man.

I'm glad you like it, thank to you for play


Cool. The ending was unexpected, lol.

I'm glad you liked it, I appreciate that you played it *___+


Another great delivery, a few bugs here and there but still good.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

I never get rid of exit bugs hahahah, thanks for playing it super fellow