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6 years after having escaped from villa and locked up in a reformatory, Zoe accompanied by Jess, one of the villa's girls, lives in peace in a new prison. Maybe someone didn't like what Zoe did in her past, maybe not be as safe as you want to think.


6 años después de haber escapado del pueblo y encerrada en un reformatorio, Zoe acompañada de Jess, una de las chicas del pueblo, vive en paz en una nueva prisión. Tal vez a alguien no le gustó lo que hizo Zoe en su pasado, tal vez no esté tan seguro como quieres pensar.


Third-person horror video game, similar to manhunt, with retro aesthetics

Videojuego de terror en tercera persona, parecido a manhunt, con estetica retro




Mouse Look

E Interact

F HOLD ,Kill

Shift Run,but be careful my friend

C to Crouch,is important


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Murder's more fun when you do it with a friend. ;{)

I agree hahahaha, thank you both for playing it *___+


This was amazing! I think it was even better then the first one. (Albeit harder!) I really liked it and loved how you progressed the story from the first one cant wait for the next one to come out! Also heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 

Yes, it is difficult, and that you have given so much dedication to pass it, it honors me, the third will be the end, I am very happy that you liked it bro, thank you for playing it * ___ +


the first and second one looks so good too bad theyre rar i would totally play if they where a zip keep up the good work!!! <3

hahaha epic Coment,thenks,I'm pleased that you like them *___+


This game is so great! I love the scene with Zoe and Jess at the beginning with the music and i love the manhunt gameplay. 😍

Thank you very much, I'm excited that you like it men


wow, very good game dev


i apreciated,thenks for play *___*


Great games, congrats for the work, really fun experience.

 Thenks men im gladd you like this +___#


act2 There is a bug that cannot be escaped

(2 edits) (+1)

Yeah, but you are not supposed to kill him yet, you need to put all the other guards down

(1 edit)

Pyruin is right, that enemy is not destined to die until you finish with the others, then he turns to the window


Amazing Sequel i really love it the story is much more brutal here than the first one really looking forward for part 3 :D

I'm glad you like it, I hope I don't disappoint with the third one hahaha thanks for playing it + ___ *


quite an improvement to the first game! always enjoy these melee kills. Looking forward to see more of your works!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, if you liked it don't miss the end of Zoe's story, thanks for playing it +___+


This one's harder than I expected but still pretty damn fun. It's taking me a while to beat some parts so I'm splitting it into 2 videos. It's a badass game for sure though. Always a pleasure to play something new from you. Thanks, dude!

I'm still polishing the stealth, this one sins of trial and error, but I appreciate you playing it and I'm glad you like it my men * ____ +


Amazing game. He took what was good in the first one and improved here. I can't wait for the next chapter.

(1 edit)

very thenks,this is the idea ,and thenks for play *___+


bro great jobs for 2 :D ....damn 1 hours 25 min ..i think i am noob now D; ahahahah :* 

nooo, no noob, trying it and adding things i died all the time hahaha, I'm going to see it whole anyway ahhahaha thanks for playing it super queen


:D  ...and vibes clothing manhunt 2 ...epic tribute..great vooodooo :***************

It was good for this part, it is true that it is very manhunt 2 ahhahah cool that it gives you that feeling, it was a great game <3<4


That was intense, looking forward to seeing more, might have found a bug or two but I always try to get there first.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

I'm glad you liked it, I wanted to make one more stage, but I know that the longer it lasts, the more bug they stay hahaha, thanks for playing it