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DURATION: between 1 and 2 hours

Genre: Horror Thriller action

Sinopsis:  (Spoiles from DM1 and DM2)

The police have arrested Zoe for the murder of the couple who sold her to the Villa where she was all her childhood, now 4 years locked in a prison to experiment with people that society has rejected, something clouds Zoe's mind, feelings and pain, thanks to that he is able to survive this torment.

Here the argument arch of zoe closes


Sniopsis: (Spoiler de DM1 y DM2)

La policia ha detenido a Zoe por el asesinato de la pareja que la vendio a la Villa donde estubo toda su infancia,ahora,4 años encerrada en una prision para experimentar con personas que la sociedad a desechado,algo nubla la mente de Zoe,sentimientos y dolores,gracias a eso es capaz de sobrevivir a este tormento.

Aquí se cierra el arco argumental de Zoe



W,A,S,D Move

Mouse to Look

Space to dash (in the right moment) and climb

Shift to Run

C to Crouch

E to interact

Click Left to Kill


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This version is incredibly more well made than the last two parts, but unfortunately, for me, it has a lot of bugs.

Oscillating framerate, broken cutscenes that didnt trigger forcing me to restart from the checkpoint countless times, random crashes, etc..

I hope the next part can get a better optimization. Keep up the good work, man. Your game is amazing and can get even better.

I'm sorry to hear that, the optimization in some area is broken, in this the story of Zoe ends, however, thank you very much for giving it a try * __ +

I love how you keep increasing the graphic fidelity with each release as if each game came out during a different console generation! Great job!


Thanks to you for looking at the little details, for playing it and because it shows that you love games, I'm glad you liked it • ___ °

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thanks to you for play,I'm glad you liked it bro * ___ +


I finally got my vid up. This game's badass, dude! I love this whole series. You're such an amazing storyteller. It's nice to see Zoe getting a happy ending after that bloodbath, haha. Thanks, dude!


thanks to you for following my random games, and even more so for passing you this saga, I'm glad you liked the ending dude * ____ +


the next one will be with vall *___* 


I will try to wait patiently for more Vall, haha. That character's just so damn cool. I love learning more of her story, even if she's only in it for a minute.


For me that you are interested in his story is something great, it is appreciated

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yo bro ..this only first part... think make part game ..lot time lol

ooh thanks for taking your time super queen sis, this third part is quite long hahahah *____+ <3

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bro ..you best . fever follow you for big talent ... you videogame is art.

Coming from you that is an honor you know, thank you very much super sister • ___ °

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this song for u  ..next gamek i want sick and lot mad please :P i hate society ahhahah

brutal thenks! *__+ ,Of course, you also have a lot of hate? I would love to see what kind of game would bring your mind, that would be epic



thenks for play all saga *_____+


Congratulations on the ending.

thenks! °__• i apreciate yu play


We finally saw the conclusion of Zoe's revenge journey. The game once again showing evolution both graphically and in gameplay. Congratulations on your work.

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I appreciate you looking at the good, I hope you enjoyed it and thank you very much for playing it +__*


Oh hell yeah! I know what I'm playing after work tonight! Have you worked on the next Necrocage? I'm not trying to rush you, so please take your time on it. I want it to be the best it can be since it's gonna be the end. I'm just always curious for more Vall info, haha

Thank you very much for your hype, I feed on that ahahhahaha, in necrocage 3 no vall comes , but don't worry, there are two games before that explain what happened to her, Old berserker 2 and the other one is called "Vall", I hope you like it this my brother *___+


That sounds great! I love the stories you tell in your games. I wish I didn't have to work today so I could just play this already haha


This is quite long, the good thing is that you can load the chapters from the menu, what is yu job, bro?

It's a driving job, so I'm on the road pretty much all day. I'm still working on my vid but I'm hoping to have it up in the morning. I played for more than an hour so it's a lot to edit, haha. Badass game though, dude!


I hope your work is great for you, and yes man, it's a pretty long game, one of the longest I did hahaha, I appreciate you playing it bro +___*


All done, that was a different twist to the regular.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

I agree,zoe in adult is terminator ahhahah, thanks for playing it Fellow * ___ +

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yeahhh bro ;D long long time for 3 ;D she nack :D bravo

Thank you very much super sis, if too long for this, I wanted to put too many things hahahah ^ ___ +

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:D girlhunt 3 :P ... mad mad mad story ;D yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuego della muerte vooodoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

true girlhunt hahaha I hope you liked it super sis * _____ *

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yes ...alwasy me gusta videogame vooodoooo 666 :D ROCK AND ROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

So it was worth the time doing it ahhahahahha I love how you write ROOOOCK N ROOOLLLLLLL \ m / * __ *