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Después de "Plaud3rs" A Lopenna le despertara algo salido de los mismos infiernos,ayuda a Lope a salir de casa de su abuela y investigar que esta pasando en el pueblo.


After "Plaud3rs" Lopenna will wake up something out of the same hells, help Lope to leave his grandmother's house and investigate what is happening in the village.

Tested in windows 10 64 bits i7 8 Ram

Link in mega for archive more 1GB

Historia hasta ahora cronológicamente de Lopenna:

History so far chronologically of Lopenna:






Install instructions

Arreglar el crash, tras la puerta de la feria: Cuando pases la puerta,la pantalla quedara en blanco,no aprietes nada hasta que carge y cargara,si aprietas algo,saldra que la aplicacion no responde,simplmente aprieta "Esperar que responda" y cargara normalmente.


Fix the crash, behind the door of the fair: When you pass the door, the screen will be blank, do not press anything until it loads and will load, if you press something, it will come out that the application does not respond, simply press "Wait for it to respond" and will charge normally.




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I just finished the game I gotta admit, I love this game. It gave me kinda nostalgic feeling and I thought "man, I wish this game was much longer". I really like the concept, climate and overall performance. I think this games has serious potential. Keep op the great work <3

thank you very much friend, I have many stories with Lope still, he is my favorite character ralmente, and I lov much your comment, a saluo <3 <4


This is quite an entertaining game. It was somewhat hampered by my limited Spanish vocabulary, but it was still a fun--if slightly broken--experience.

Sadly I was not able to finish the entire game. I encountered a softlock where my only option was to restart the entire game, and considering I spent the last 2 hours getting there, I was a little discouraged.

It occurred when I died in the area where you have to jump on the mushrooms to progress. I was jumping from the first to the third mushroom and fell, and upon respawning I was in the void, falling to my death over and over again.

I will try to fix the whole checkpoint problem, the game has quite a few bugs, but it was very ambitious for me alone and there came a time when there were a lot of things and it was either getting it like this or never getting it out, still I'm glad that you like it, greetings friend

The original slasher with a gothic girl in the title role
+ Peppy short gameplay
+ Nice Unity graphics
+ Good sound and ambient+ Similarity to Alice: Madness RETURNS

+ Funny main boss

-Lack of English
-Periodic stuck in textures
-Almost complete absence of AI in zombies

This is cute and curious.

Very useful comment, usually ago games in Spanish only, or in English, there are two versions, I'm glad, you like it, a greeting friend <3


You can check out my game also, it is linked to my account


I am Korean.
I did not know English, so I translated it with a translator.

This game is really fun.
I made it well and I was not bored because the background music came out well according to the situation.
I liked the RPG aspect of upgrading weapons.
But I don't know Spanish, so I couldn't see all the NPC quests, and I'm a little sad that I couldn't enjoy this game 100%.
Boss Monster's center of the body isn't a good match, so it's hard to target.
And I'm sorry for climbing walls or ignoring the NPC quests.
This is the most fun, quality and well-made indie game I've played recently!
I'd like to thank the producers for creating this game.

I didn't do well, but this is a video that I

I thank you from the heart that you played it and gave it so much time, and a video, I also use the translator hahaha, a greeting and thanks again man <3 *__*

This page Needs an English translation of what the game is about.

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has it, partner, look closely ;)

Not sure what the wink was about dude. I don't talk via comments, just saying.


hola amigo logo  ..love u new game but problem ..look this bug ..but love new game .. hope you ok ..and here italy fight coronavirus :( … queenn never die ..smack

You better, I want you alive * ___ * I hope you do well, I will see that bug and I'm glad deck you like <3<3<3

lol hope no die hahah  i think now resident evil italy and world .. this virus  all world now ..damn ..we are need hero now  lol ..and yes new game very beauty

I'm telling you auntie, we already for zombie games, you will see, all locooos

damn ..zombie for coronavirus ...wtf ??? loco momento  :D momento mori ahahahhah vooddooo hope for world ..attention umbrella seach you ..kill u ahhahhah

stay in home..this message italy ,,,, i think 28 week laters total zombie world

Damn, it's true, here in Spain everything was in plan, nothing happens quietly, a week later: Don't leave home! They will eat the damn zombies, hahaha, are you doing well?

I gave the game a shot and while I like the art direction (I'm not saying anything on the story since language barrier) I feel like there are tweaks that could be done to enhance the experience. Mainly combat tweaks and locking off areas I wasn't supposed to go to. Besides that, it's a fun game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thanks for playing it, you tend to count the feelings for the next in the saga <3