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Jam game: 

El verano,la torre y sobre todo,la barba de Barrigan es Demasiado Larga

The Summer, the tower and above all, Barrigan's beard is Too Long

Made in 8 days

Music: Incompetech and Myuu

Duration: 5/10 Min

Synopsis: Bya, The Spirit of Winter, suffocated by the warming and seeing that it never ends, she decides to go to the Autumn lands to pluck the flower of summer, which would end it, forever.


Move - W,A,S,D

Look - Mouse

Jump - Space

Grab Beard - E

Shift - Run


Juego de la jam:

Echo en 8 dias

Musica: Incompetech and Myuu

Duracion: 5/10 Min


Bya,El espiritu de el Invierno,sofocada por el calentamiento y viendo que no acaba nunca,decide ir a las tierras Otoñales para arrancar la flor de el verano,la cual acabaria con este,para siempre.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Comedy, Dark, Female Protagonist, Funny, Low-poly, Short, Spooky, Unity


WinterSpirit.rar 49 MB


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Muy bueno, me encantó la música  y la mecánica de juego! Genio Reve!


Great game! i love the music and the game mechanics, Genius Reve!

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graciaa a ti por jugarlo, me alegro que te gustase +___*


She's cool.

Apreciate this ,And thenks for play Mister *___+


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It looks awesome!!!
I really like it <3
but i can't leave the start of the level :c


Nothing my fall xd


I'm glad you like it +___+, thank you very much for playing mister

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Always wonderful, REALLY GOOD


im glad you like *___+

Oh thx i didnt understand how to move on the wall <3

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It took me 20 minutes to understand it🤣


Muy bueno! me encantó la estética, me hace acordar a los juegos que jugaba de chico, suerte en la jam!


muchas gracias *___+,y por jugarlo tambien

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Could you fix the in Bya's model? Also will there be a sequel to Winter Spirit?

By the way why is she called Bya instead of a world associated with winter?


Bya was a traditional Celtic mystical character, who adored the cold, and what do you mean by fixing the model?

and yes, working on the sequel, thanks for asking my men


I just mean if you view her from the front you'll see a hole in her shirt.

By the way is the ending meant to be good or bad by plucking the flower of summer?


It is good because there is no heat, but in general, it is bad, and yes, I will fix the protagonist * ___ +


I'm guessing it's suppose to be good since it breaks the endless cycle of Summer and allows other seasons to come and go but is bad seeing that summer is the only one that can never return right?

Also does the man with the long beard have a name and is going to be a sequel?

Summer can be vital for certain living beings, but for her, she obviously will not miss summer.

His name is Bárrigan, he will have a cameo if, and of course he will dance hahahahha


That was pretty fun. And funny! I had a great time playing this one. It's always a pleasure seeing a new game from you, my man. Thanks for everything you do!


Thanks to you for playing them my men, thanks to people like you I am happy to make games * ___ +

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yeahh bro... great jobs .. so sweet

ooh thenks my super sis *___+ <3<4<5


Excellent short game to play and still retain that semi-evil stare into the camera :|

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


Good short game. Remember Tim Burton movies. 


that reminds you of tim burton is an honor for me, thanks for playing it + ___ *

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OHH SO SWEET DARK.... yeah super voodooooo :*


Theens super sis!!,but is a jam game not is so good, the stetic is cute dark yes °__•

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no problem .. i play tonight your game :P tomorow look my yt ....  i want winter ...yeahh i like cold damn


Of course sweet queen, yas, pleas winter comin hahahaha

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me perfect, but the summer is pure shit hahaha, you come stai super sis??