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After getting the alien artifact, Lara deciphers some coordinates written on it, she will travel to a coastal city where only there they know the island of Formenthera, the artifact seems to be some kind of key,to open what?

Duration approx: 40-60 Min's, this game does not have a save system, it has checkpoints, it is recommended to play it at once


Luego de conseguir el artefacto alienígena, Lara descifra unas coordenadas escritas en él, viajará a una ciudad costera donde solo allí conocen la isla de Formenthera, el artefacto parece ser algún tipo de llave, ¿para abrir qué?

Duracion aprox: 40-60 Min's, este juego no tiene sistema de guardado, tiene puntos de control, se recomienda jugarlo de una vez




Plantilla original por Tiernan watson

Original template by Tiernan watson


inspired by a core design work


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thenks for play super Ezez *___+



thenks for play the two my friend *___+

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Amazing game. There's only bugs related to jump, but that doesn't bothered me. Keep it up and I can't wait for a new Dismember Mind game.


great jobs ...but kill me ...(bug) :P bacio bro

oh no! I check this, but eves is honnor for me what you play, thenks sis *_____+


lara fever ---:D

I already tell you, I love the classic lara hahahaha *0*


Good game, only took me about 40 minutes and I didn't expect what I found at the end.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing Fellow * ___ + Will I update the average time, a good or bad surprise with the end?

OHHHHHHH BRO .... LARA IS BACK ...  :*******

YAAS SIS ,Lara is always there hahaha <3<4