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Mucha gente habla,cuenta esta misma historia de cientos de formas diferentes,algunos narran la violencia y la sangre,otros lo adornan como venganza,la historia real cuenta con algo mas fuerte,pero nadie sabe que desde los infiernos a XB23,la llamaban Vall,busca la verdad de su historia.


Many people speak, it tells this same story in hundreds of different ways, some narrate violence and blood, others decorate it as revenge, the real story has something stronger, but nobody knows that from hell to XB23, they called it Vall , look for the truth of your story.

A game third person actionHorror,Scifi.


WASD - Move

Mouse  - Look

Click Left - Attack

Click Right - Aim

Space - Jump

F -Interactable And Flashligth

C - Stealth/Crouch

R -Reload

LeftShift - Run

Q/E/Numbers or Scroll mouse - Change Weapon


NecroCageYear (EP3).part1.rar 600 MB
NecroCageYear (EP3).part2.rar 461 MB


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Im back ;3

hahahah epic bro, very thenks for play ang recording *____+

THAT WAS HARD XDD And you're very welcome man! I love your game and I look forward for more!

Also I thank you for making it :))

I'm glad you like it, really, I know it's a difficult game and you've given it some time, I appreciate that bro


Haha anytime! I promise you I'll do my best to finish the game as soon as possible so I can check the others!

the longest is this chapter, you don't have much left of this either, in fact finding the grass to hide has cost a lot of people hhahahah is clearly a design flaw


no problem my men, the good is made wait, that  say ,no? hahahah


Hey! I'm finally back so I might be able to complete the series :) cant wait

I'm glad bro, I would love you to play it, by the way, if you see a giant spider hide in the grass, a lot of people get stuck in that area, luck hahahah

Map bugs are the scariest

vall's nightmare are collisions yes hahahaha


jaja pense que era rarity la de la portada xD

me descargare los otros para ver que onda aunque soy mas fan de metal.ik xD

pues esta saga es en el mismo universo,solo que unos 3 siglos antes

y me hace feliz que te mole metal.ik hahaha. IK 2 lo saco pronto 


The game got tough and I didn't get past the spider platformer part. But for what it's worth, game's fairly solid. I only wish the game would be a bit more consistent on the POV you were using.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

the tip is to hide in the grass in that part, thanks for playing it men 


It was very tough but i did it. And the struggle was definitely worth it. Amazing job, man. This series is the best thing out right now. Can't wait to learn more of this story.


is the fucked up part of the saga, congratulations for finishing this chapter bro <3

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No, my games use content with copy that is not mine, it does it because I like nothing else, but thanks for the proposal

I completed the game despite some critical bugs but you have a loyal player here, I'm in it till the end.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer


This one's pretty hard. I got my ass whooped by that spider in that platform area. I could not figure out how to get past it, and I tried for about 20-30 minutes just on that part. Got any tips? I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping knowing that I failed an episode of this amazing game.

I found some bugs too. I got stuck in the ground in some spots and when I was running from that spider as the young girl, I think it respawned me when I ran into some walls. I'm not sure what was happening there. I cut a lot of it out of my video but I can put together a bug video if you need something to reference. I just want this game to be the best that it can be. Nice job though. I'm dying to see what else happens because I didn't get very far this time.


The level where you got stuck is level 4, in case you try again so you don't repeat the previous ones again, the correct way in that area is to go in the direction the spider is going, all to the left, my advice is that you hide in the pieces of gray grass that there are in some platforms, no to detect the radar of the spider, thanks for playing it bro


oh damn, i didn't even think about hiding. I'm an idiot, haha! I'll try again and see what i can do. I gotta beat this. 


That is cool, the best of Ep 3 comes after that part hahaha


As soon as I woke up I got an email that episode 3 has came out~ I'm so excited to play but due to my busy job and life I won't be able to record until next week :( I hope this one is worth the wait ;D

I hope the same, and that it is decent hahahaha, I really appreciate the expectations bro *__+


I'm sad that I still can't play it right now but soon I hope I'm able to :)

the game will be there when you come back, I almost want i more to see your video, if you record it of course hahaha sorry my english

It's fine! I will of course record it! It's one of my favorite series of all time, When I first saw the game I was so excited to play it! This series surely is just one of the best ! Thank you so much for keeping them coming :)

I do not know if you are too kind or really like it, hahaha I appreciate it, many good games on this page are thanks to people like you, game lovers <3