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Only XB23 knows its fixed destination, after falling from a missile launched directly from the Necrocaja, it falls on the planet from where the human specimens for it are collected, and also who is in charge of it.


Solamente XB23 conoce su destino fijado, después de caer desde un misil lanzado directamente desde la Necrocaja, cae en el planeta desde donde se recogen los especimenes humanos para la misma, y también quien manda en ella.

A game third person actionHorror,Scifi.


WASD - Move

Mouse  - Look

Click Left - Attack

Click Right - Aim

Space - Jump

F -Interactable And Flashligth

C - Stealth/Crouch

R -Reload

LeftShift - Run

Q/E/Numbers or Scroll mouse - Change Weapon


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NecroCageYear (EP2).rar 806 MB


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It was good because it was action from EP2.

I'm glad you like this <3

Looks interesting, to bad i don't have windows :(


ooh sh**t,If the project with which I made this game was not so instable, I would send you a Build for your system..sorry men.


One of the best indie game I've ever played! Really did amazing on this one! You certainly outdone yourself, A few bugs there and there but overall and enjoyable game! Keep it up, I'm so excited for EPISODE 3!! <3

I appreciate that you played it and that you like it * __ +.I am really excited to make the 3 knowing that someone wants to play it hahaha greetings bro


A bit of lag in this game but still playable, i just lowered my screen resolution and decreased the graphics, only downfall was the shooting the aim was soooo of but hey still great game, Can't wait for the next episodes,


This was seriously sick bro 🤘 I enjoyed the first one quite a bit but this one was a major step up. It's got some issues sure but I really think you have something special here. Can't wait for the next episodes. Great job 👍👍

Since I've typed a lot already I suppose i'll tell you the issues I had with it. Basically the AI is a bit dumb and the hit boxes are kind of hit or miss. These are in no way a deterrent for me though, I really enjoyed myself. Thanks for making this game!

I'm glad you like bro, even with its glitches.I am aware of collision problems and la madia ia hahaha, thanks for chechearmelo always cool, thanks for playing and recording it bro <3



Unity <3


The game plays well enough. Though I wish bullet his regirstration was a bit better. Beyond that, game is a step up from the first game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thenks for play men,and yess,i have must problems in this Project,It's half broken, but I got it to work more or less


This game is amazing, man. Very nice job on it. I love what you're doing with it. 


sweet men ,I'm glad you could play it at the end,epic video my friend +___*


Yeah I think the lag was actually coming from Streamlabs OBS (my screen recorder). I tested it without that running and was able to record with a different program. So the lag was on my end, and not caused by the game. Thanks for this epic masterpiece, man! Can't wait to see more!


Good meen,the interest is greatly appreciated, the third one is already in development * __ *



myy queeen thenks for play hahahha you epic


damn ;D this ep 2 ..very rock and roll :D

I appreciate that you liked it, you are rock and roll \m/ <33

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX6KILafIS0 yeahh bro xxx

i fan the pretty reckless,and this video is awezoooomoh <3

for yuu 

I'm getting some bad lag when I run into those guns early in the game. I tried turning down the settings but it still does it. Any suggestions? I'm playing on windows 10 if that helps. It works perfectly until I get to that spot.

you mean the turrets? is it lage as soon as you arrive or when they shoot you?

yeah the turrets. It starts to lag as i approach that pathway to them after that small room. On one attempt, i was able to crouch walk past them with almost no lag but it got all choppy again when i was shooting those guys in the next area. 

strange, possibly the fault of the projectiles, I'll try to optimize this, thanks for reporting broo


No prob, man. And thanks! I'm dying to play more of this. The first one was so damn good! And this one looks even better. 

I tried several collision solutions but I get nothing at all, you tried to deactivate the flashlight, I think sometimes lagea when it is active


Excellent game so far, found quite a few bugs but I look forward to the next release.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thenks for play bro,try the fix *__*