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The "Year" race, which is distinguished by the purple color in its hair, is on the verge of extinction, with only four remaining alive, Alvin and Lomo: two old men isolated in the forests of the ancient war. Kulolo: a surviving ex-soldier society outcast in the mountains and Tq: a girl from Metropolis 3 who lives in a rescue station due to an amber infection, launched from a missile that devastated the lower part of the city, only launched 1 missile, of the 3600 planned.






ClickRight-Attack (AfterParryAlone)

ClickRight(with icon appear)-Hook



Mechanics like a Sekiro

-Chronological order: 

-Necrocage Year;  Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 

-Old Berserker 1 

-NecroCage 2: Volume I Volume II VolumeIII

-Old Berserker 2 (Coming soon) 





Acción/Terror/Plataformas/Ciencia ficción


La raza "Year", que se distingue por el color púrpura en su cabello, está al borde de la extinción, quedando solo cuatro con vida, Alvin y Lomo: dos ancianos aislados en los bosques de la antigua guerra. Kulolo: un marginado de la sociedad exsoldado superviviente en las montañas y Tq: una chica de la metrópolis 3 que vive en una estación de rescate debido a una infección de ámbar, lanzada desde un misil que devastó la parte baja de la ciudad, solo se lanzó 1 misil, de el 3600 planeados.






ClickDerecho-Ataque (Solo despues del parry)

ClickDerecho (aparecerá el icono)-Gancho



Mecánicas tipo Sekiro

-Orden Cronologico: 

-Necrocage Year;  Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 

-Old Berserker 1 

-NecroCage 2: Volume I Volume II VolumeIII

-Old Berserker 2 (Coming soon) 



Published 16 days ago
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
TagsCyberpunk, Female Protagonist, Horror, Sci-fi, Singleplayer, Synthwave, Unity


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NECROCAGE 3 Chapter I V1,0


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This version has 4 horrible game breaking bugs. 

1.You can't place the mine . Only possible to place it if you crouch and press E a couple of times . Would be nice if you had added some Button Prompt like PRESS E TO PLACE MINE ...

2.Blade attack is buggered , when you die sometimes you cannot open the blade or the game thinks you did not got the upgrade.

3.Awful Clipping problem that can make you fly and clip off the map . That happens when you first attack the cyborg and then climb up . When at the last spot you press E , then CTRL to fall down ... you will glide off the map and clip off it .

4.Ventilator puzzle is broken , at the fourth terminal after the jumping platforms when you used it this game saves it progress and restarts the game from the last checkpoint .

Oh and by the way , please add the CONTROL BUTTON INFO in the game ... since the player is clueless what to press to progress ...

Will post a video later, showing all bugs to help you fix them . I think its maybe a CPU incompatibility with Ryzen 9 .

If incompatibility is very possible, the fact of creating an installer could be the problem, I will upload the game in a single file, I will still look for those bugs in your video, thanks for reporting them in such detail and for playing the game


will also provide time stamps to help you out... now waiting when YT will transcode the video..


and by the way , its not the installer (or your new installation game-package method)... but the engine, that maybe glitches scripts ... 

I use the Unity with the ones I have published on itch.io, the only thing I noticed was something strange that I fixed when I added the installer, even so I appreciate the help

first starts at 7:25 when the ability of placing that mine ... is only possible if you crouch when you press CTRL seen at 13:40 ...
then only pressing E

18:25 texture problems

21:12 object spawing problem , a mine ? also no prompt the object there is the BLADE you should take ... that leads you of getting stuck at the door 22:41

29:50 another texture problem

31:23 at this platform spot when you press E you can unclip and clip off the map ...

32:11 the many of this games streaming asset problem that can make you CLIP OFF the map

34:02 and when you open and close the blade you can fly in space... and the you clip off

37:53 realization that CTRL jumps you down , that was nowhere mentioned in the game

1:04:51 when you try to activate this terminal this game glitches out and restarts you from the last checkpoint and many more see in this vid ... did Unity engine changed its compatibility or something ?

not to mention when you die in the ventilator section , sometime your blade upgrade is not on her ... 57:05





Thenks for play , trilogy epic hahaha


You're welcome!

Pleased to do the first chapter now, Thank you for making this game.

I have noticed that it becomes too complicated in certain parts, especially because of the hook, I will try to make it more intuitive next time, thanks again for spending your time


That was definitely a tough one. Took me more than 2 hours to figure it out and beat it haha. But it was worth it. Great game as always, my friend! And thank you for making more of this series! I love it!

Thanks for keep playing, I hope it was at least fun to play hahaha

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That was hard, but looking forward to chapter two and thank you for the easter egg.  Hehe.

The pleasure is mine, thanks for playing, I'll watch the video for dinner hahaha *___+


welcome back necrocage ..new style for she :D epic 

yas,thenks fratella *___* is Tq another character


Oh hell yeah! I wish i wasn't at work right now because i would start playing immediately haha. I'll be back tonight though for sure.


hahaha im glad for your hype, meybe is not better to first, but i hope you enjoy my bro *___+