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End of the NECROCAGE 2 trilogy,

Vall is trapped in what looks like an underground Necrocage by a creature, Multiple XB are resurrecting with the power of the great tree, how many more Necrocages have survived the world reboot than Vall proboco in the afterlife?


Final de la trilogia NECROCAGE 2,

Vall se encuentra atrapada en lo que parece una Necrocage subterranea por una criatura, Multiples XB estan resucitando con el poder del gran arbol, cuantas mas Necrocages abran sobrevivido al reinicio mundial que Vall proboco en la otra vida?


Action/Adventure/Horror/Sci fi/Nordic in third person





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The ax is stronger than the gun...

the axe is broken yes hahahha

Show post...


you play de trilogi hahaha thenks for play and recording men *___+

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Nice to see it continue ... but some keys and its functions should be removed {backspace to show FPS , Zero Key for an awkward animation} ... You should add speed bumps like walls with more enemies in the Open World Section (chapter 9), since as of now you can speed run it by using this engine physics glitch when you roll giving you instant teleport boost (Shift + Alt) ... not to mention add two enemies at once attacking you in the last battle, since you can derp the Boss AI the same why you can do in Bloodborne (stick near the crouch and your invisible and can kill them with no health loss )... making you beat the whole game in 24min

I see that you dedicate yourself to hacking, I accept it since it is a very simple based game, I appreciate the tips friend, the open world area is like a sumun, it is not a fight scene, in fact when the enemies appear they escape from the protagonist


This game is so badass, man! I loved every minute of it. Best series ever!! You did such an amazing job with these games and the story. I was so intrigued every time a cutscene played. Especially that epic ending! Nice job, man. You are one of the best developers around. Thank you for making this lovely series!


It is all a compliment my man, I have a huge script for necrocage 3 already hahahha you don't know how glad you liked it * ___ +