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That was a lot of fun! There's a couple good scares along the way too. I just realized when I was editing that I was calling the monk a lady haha, so forgive me for that. I couldn't see clearly when I was running for my life. Thanks for another great game, my man!


don't worry i always love to see your content, and i appreciate you playing my shit hahahaha brutal video mister *___+

Meu idioma é o português do Brasil mas consigo ler em inglês. Porém a fonte, cor e tamanho das legendas do jogo estão dificultando muito a leitura e entendimento. Infelizmente não consegui jogar, mas gostei do que vi. Parabéns pelo trabalho e esporo que a minha opinião ajude. Um abraço amigo!

I am aware, I wanted a stylized font that fits the ps1 format, but obviously it happened to me hahaha, of course your criticism helps and I appreciate that you have tried it *___+

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Very Good Game indeed .Unfortunately, I encountered a bug and I'm unable to proceed. During Editing I realized that certain objects only visible when there's light form candle. 

it's not lack of candles but there's a bug. Candle with 100% power, will disappeared when I combined them with matches. Btw the "Ghost"  kinda didn't attack me when I facing him directly.   Hoping that this vid will help you fixing the game


I'm sorry for the mistakes, thanks for playing it and for recording it

bro strange bug look only black screen ...

the audio run ok? Is for try thinks, thank for telling me

Try Play with Vulkan version -____+

audio yes but only black screen 

wait moment test vulcan